Prep Team Needs List

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by donating today!

-5000 sq ft of 12/2 Romex (preferably on 1000 ft spools)

-100, 2 gang galvanized Raco boxes w/  70 2 gang duplex receptacle covers/20 sing gang duplex receptacle covers/20 blank covers/30 2 gang switch covers

-30 single gang galvanized Raco boxes w 20duplex receptacle covers & switch covers

-150 spec grade duplex receptacles

-50 spec grade single pole switches

-6, 3 pole 100 amp contactors w/ 240 volt coils

-10 indicator lamps (push button style) – 240v w/ LED bulbs any color

-4 indicator lamps (push button style) – 110v w/ LED bulbs any color

-6 green push buttons w/ N.O. & N.C. contacts

-6 red push buttons w/ N.O. & N.C. contacts

– 1 E-stop push button

Call Steve at 256-507-0217 with any questions

Or mail checks to:
101 1st Ave NE
Suite 200
Cullman AL 35055