Meet our missionaries – Curtis & Devry Coghlan

Curtis and Devry Coghlan have been full-time Resident Missionaries at Kenya Relief since 2014, where they have hosted nearly 100 teams of visiting missionaries.

Curtis and Devry’s Story

Curtis spent the first 40 years of his working life as an editor and journalist at newspapers and websites across the South. Devry was a Licensed Professional Counselor working with families and teens and also coordinated the Small Group ministry at their church in Hampton Cove, Alabama.

A medical mission trip to Kenya Relief in 2010 exposed Curtis to the enormous health needs of the country as well as the plight of the orphans. Later, Kenya Relief Founder and President Steve James asked him to serve on the Board of Directors and after three years Curtis felt the call for him and his family to move to Kenya.

Curtis comforts one of our BHOG boys after his surgery.

“After my first trip to Kenya, I didn’t leave thinking, ‘Oh, I need to become a missionary here,’” he says. “But God slowly worked on me over the next few years and showed me the inner  workings of Kenya Relief, and how we would fit into His plan here.”

Devry didn’t think life could get any better with her family, neighborhood, church, school and job.  But, when Curtis was called to Kenya, God started twisting her heart to think past the comfort of her surroundings.  “I used to think what I was doing was significant; my job in my counseling practice and at the church and what could be more significant than raising a family?  But, as God would have it, everything began to fall flat. I’m not quite sure how to explain it.”

God used her experience as a Crisis Counselor to equip her for the unimaginable tragedy and abject poverty of the children in Migori. “I wouldn’t have been able to handle the magnitude of it otherwise.”

Devry on a home visit for a potential intake of a new child to BHOG.

In addition to hosting a team every other week, Devry and Curtis have several other responsibilities.

Devry serves with the Social Department’s 200+ children rescuing orphans and helping widows in distress.  Curtis works on building projects, community water solutions, a new soccer ministry and community relations. They started a gift shop which supports local craftsman and has created a micro-business for some of the older girls.  Above all, a Worship Service on campus was implemented that is designed for and highly involves the children of Kenya Relief.  “We can save lives physically and prevent more orphans, but we felt it was just as important to provide spiritual development.”

The Coghlans have two daughters that came with them to Kenya in 2014. They have since gone back to America to attend universities in Alabama, but they return to serve often.  “It’s difficult being separated by nine time zones and not having a home to call your own.  But, we know God has us here for a reason and a season and we couldn’t believe more in the mission of Kenya Relief.  God’s Hand is everywhere here. He really cares about His people. He has not forgotten the poor, sick and downtrodden.”

Curtis, Devry, their daughters and newly acquired son-in-law – they clean up nice!