Full circle…one of our first orphans returns to BHOG as the newest social worker!

Success stories are the best! But once in a lifetime, the story is almost unbelievable.  Such is the case of Stancey Norah.

“I take this opportunity to thank Almighty God for being good and faithful to me all these years since my parents passed on.  I also want to thank Steve James, who saw it was a good idea to start a children’s home in Kenya.  Thank you so much and the team for your tender support that you offered to me and other children.  It has been a blessing to me and my younger brother, Victor Jr.  Lives have been changed in Kenya and I appreciate all the work that KenyaRelief.org has done.

Brittney’s Home of Grace started in the year 2004 when I was a little 6-year-old girl who didn’t even know how to read and write well and was unhealthy.  Through Steve, God found us and showed us love.  We had been hungry and neglected, now we were healthy and looking good!

I went through primary school where I made good grades and proceeded to high school/boarding school.  And because of KenyaRelief.org and sponsors, I was able to continue my education at the university level, with my fees paid.  I pursued a degree in Social Work and Community Development.  As I studied, I dreamed of helping the needs too and that’s why I chose social work as a career.  I have always prayed to God to help me achieve the desire of my heart.

I am so grateful to work with KenyaRelief.org as a social worker and through this, I hope my dream will be accomplished.  I love being with the children, especially the needy.  I thank KR for granting me this opportunity.  I also want to thank the staff here. They showed us all love when we are children here and they continue to do the same for all children who come through these doors and even beyond.

I pray to God to continue blessing KenyaRelief.org as a whole, Steve James, and the entire KR team.  I urge donors to continue supporting KenyaRelief.org as it improves the quality of life for the needy children of Kenya.  I am happy to be a product for the Brittany Home of Grace and believe that together, we can make a difference!

Your faithfully,