Baking for Kenya!

Lila James is a twelve-year-old from Indiana and has such a heart for giving.  Over the last 2 years, her lemonade stand has been running every chance she gets to raise money for Riley’s, Peyton Manning’s, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals.  She lost a friend to cancer and watched another go through a very trying time battling but blessed with a successful outcome.

However, this year she said, “I want to raise money for Kenya Relief.”  Lila was touched by the stories her father, Josh James (no relation to Steve although he shares Steve’s son’s name), told her from his trip to Migori in January 2017.  Helping build a new hospital to help the people of Kenya is all she’s thought about this year. On June 17, 2017 she had her first bake sale. Lila hoped she would make more money than before selling baked goods. She is very excited to send the check to Kenya Relief!