5th graders & pillowcases

“Sharing the planet and charities”

For their end of fifth-grade project, eleven year-old Lilliana Heline and two of her friends (Zoe Gartner and Jocelin Cross) had this title and topic and had to come up with an idea and enact it.  What better place to turn than her favorite non-profit, KenyaRelief.org?  Lilliana had seen her mom making pillowcase dresses in the past, so she independently came up with the idea of a pillowcase drive.  The girls made flyers, then distributed and posted them around the elementary school.  They collected over 50 pillowcases!  Teachers and kindergarteners through fifth graders were inspired to donate.  Next, using a pattern and 2 sewing machines, Lilliana taught her friends to sew and they were able to get 11 dresses completed prior to their presentation for the entire school.  Their booth was the busiest and adults were gathered around learning about the dresses and organization.  They are still working on transforming the other pillowcases into dresses.  Her mom plans on bringing them to Kenya on her next trip in July of this year!