FIREFAN App – support KR while playing live!

Fire Fan App is coming to iTunes & Google Play NEXT WEEK!!

It’s a live interactive sports app that fans play while they are watching the game on TV, in the stands, etc.

  • Play with friends, fans, pro athletes & celebrities at home or abroad!

Predict scores, plays and more!

  • Redeem loyalty points for real rewards like tickets to games & signed memorabilia!

No matter what Pro-sport you follow, this app was created for the Fan On Fire!

HOW DO I GET, you ask?

Click HERE to pre-register and be ready to play next week when the app is launched.

If you join after Nov 21, the download the FIREFAN app, enter code KENYA and play!

Every time you or anyone else signs up to play using the code KENYA, we receive funds to support our work.

Share with your friends at home and ALL OVER THE WORLD!

The more playing, the more support we acquire.